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Adani gas green energy share continue to fall

Adani gas and green energy shares below Rs. 900. Buy, hold or sell?, with Adani Total recording a 2.94% decrease and settling at Rs. 890.85 compared to its previous close at Rs. 917.85, marking its fourth consecutive day of decline, ultimately accumulating a YTD loss of 74.90%. Despite one critic indicating support at the Rs. 859 range, another has speculated that the stock may potentially test Rs. 800 in the near future.

Adani Total Gas & Adani Green Energy share

Adani Total settled 2.94% lower and Adani Green closed 3.22% lower than their former closing prices, both below Rs 900..

” Adani Total looks bearish on the day-to-day maps and a around below the support of Rs. 859 could lead to lower targets of Rs. 795- 760 in the near term. Resistance will be at Rs. 923,” said AR Ramachandran from Tips two trades.

Ravi Singh of Share India predicts Adani Total Gas to touch Rs. 800 due to market conditions and technical indicators.

Adani Total Gas & Adani Green Energy share News

Adani Green’s stock extended its fifth day of decline, closing 3.22% lower at Rs. 886.45 from its previous close.The stock has already plummeted by 53.04% in 2023. Investors may find support at the Rs 896 level, while resistance is expected around Rs 916, as per market analysts.”

Tips2Trades’ technical analyst, Ramachandran, warns Adani Green of a bearish trend, with downside targets of Rs. 865-808 if it falls below support.Investors should also take note of the resistance at Rs 916.”

Share India’s Singh predicts Adani Green may face more selling pressure and reach Rs. 820 in the near term amid profit booking.

Adani Enterprises, Adani Green, Adani Ports, and Adani Transmission saw a rebound after US-based GQG Partners announced a Rs. 15,446 crore investment.

Indian equity benchmarks rose amid market volatility, driven by gains in banks, financials, consumers, and technology stocks.

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Adani share news

Adani Total Gas and Adani Green Energy shares have been witnessing a continuous decline in their value in recent times. Both are Adani Group firms, a prominent Indian conglomerate involved in energy, infrastructure, logistics, and diverse sectors.

Adani Total Gas is a leading player in the city gas distribution business in India

Adani Total Gas dominates India’s city gas distribution while Adani Green Energy is a leading renewable firm. Both aim to drive Adani Group’s global energy plans.

Investors and analysts have been critical of these companies’ stocks in recent times. The primary reason for this is the ongoing controversy surrounding the Adani Group’s alleged links with the Myanmar military.

Adani Group’s alleged links with Myanmar military-tied firms drew criticism and calls to divest from its companies.

In addition to this, there are also concerns about the valuations of these companies. Investors bullish on Adani Group’s energy sector growth have driven Adani Total Gas and Adani Green Energy’s share prices up.


The plummeting Adani stock prices cause analysts’ skepticism, with investors being more careful of India’s energy sector outlook.

One of the key factors is the controversy surrounding the alleged links between the Adani Group and the Myanmar military. This has resulted in negative publicity for the company, which has impacted investor sentiment.

There are sustainability concerns with these firms’ valuations, as Adani Green Energy’s stock rise made some analysts question its worth.

Debate surrounding the sustainability of these valuations has prompted some investors to proceed with caution.

Given these factors, the unborn outlook for these companies remains uncertain. Investors are advised to exercise caution before investing in them.

Investing in these firms may have pitfalls despite their potential, so thorough research is crucial before making investment decisions.

The decline in Adani Total Gas and Adani Green Energy shares is due to controversies around Adani’s alleged Myanmar military ties and valuation sustainability concerns.

The future outlook for these companies is uncertain, and investors should exercise caution before investing in them. By considering all these factors, investors can make informed decisions that can help them achieve their investment goals.

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